If you have any sort of Business then potentially the most Cost Effective way to contact the most people is via The World Wide Web.

If you belong to any Organisation, Club or Community Group, this is the way to let the World Know You're Out There!

For a fraction of the cost of other forms of Advertising you can have a permanent site that puts you in the World's Front Window, not just the local paper - and it would be more than advertising. It would be your Portfolio to let others know exactly Who you are, What it is that you do, and Where they can contact you. With E-Commerce and Online Shopping Carts it could also be your Showroom and Shop.

Once your Site is up and running, it's Annual Maintenance Costs will probably be less than the cost of just a Small Ad in most Local Papers for just one issue! And, we'd like to think, take you to a much wider audience than even a National Paper.

Getting your presence felt on the Web isn't as hard (or as costly) as you'd think - you may already have enough web space provided free by your Internet Service Provider, a Domain Name (that's the bit after the "www.") can cost just a few pounds, (not a few hundred pounds) and we can design and publish a basic Website for under £150! We can also keep your Site updated and maintained, as well as getting you that Domain Name in the first place and, if necessary, organise Hosting for you - in fact A Complete Service!

If you'd rather try your hand at Design and Publishing, we can provide Software that's as easy to use as Microsoft Word©™, yet produce sites to a very high standard - and we can teach you how to use it - all at very reasonable rates.

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