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Prices: We like to think that we're very competitive in our prices - please Click Here to see a selection of our Priced Services. We've compared some of them to PC World Tech Guys prices (there - we've even linked to their site so you can compare them too...) - these were correct when compiled, and in no way are we suggesting that you don't get as good a service from them as you do from us. We're just comparing published prices... All our prices include Collection and Return of Hardware from your premises, if we can't fix the problem On-Site.

Warranty: Labour is guaranteed for a minimum of 14 days (subject to non-interference in the interim). Hardware and Software is guaranteed for 12 months  (or original equipment manufacturer's warranty - whichever the greater). Extended Warranty and Service Agreements available on request.

Discounts: Even though we're already competitive, we also offer a range of discounts on all our Services - for a start (literally) we'll give you 10% the first time you employ us. If you come back for more within 60 days, we'll give you 15%.discounts

We also offer discounts of up to 30% to Charities, Community Organisations, Public Service Employees (Police, Fire, Ambulance, NHS/PCT etc.), H.M. Armed Forces, Senior Citizens and Students (full time, not living with parents) and those receiving Qualifying State Benefits. (Only one discount can be claimed at a time - otherwise we could end up owing you money!)

Basic Labour: (only applies if not using a Priced Service) This starts at £30 for the first hour, or whilst on site. This is our minimum charge. Subsequent Off-Site work is charged at £25 per hour. After the first hour, on or off site charges are made in half-hour increments, so if we don't work a full hour, we won't charge you for it. We think that these are reasonable prices - by comparison, work out how much the labour costs are to get your washing machine, TV or fridge fixed, or your car serviced. Home Tuition as per Hourly Rates - discounts available for block booking paid in advance.

Business - SME and Home Office  Broadly in line with our published prices, but Specific Projects and Professional Consultation, Contracts etc. by negotiation.

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