Computers are becoming indispensible in everyday life, in many ways.  But like anything technical they can cause problems. Our aim is to help you keep your computer running so that it's a useful asset and not a headache, so you can make the most use of it.

Your PC needn't just be a Word Processor - it's a Gateway to The World using the Internet, it's a Photo Gallery, it's a Library of Knowledge for you and your family, it's a Bank, a Shop, a Travel Agent's and an Entertainment Centre second to none with streaming media to your TV and Hi-Fi Equipment - it's anything you want it to be, and we can help you maximise it's use.

We can install, service, repair or upgrade your PC at a fraction of the cost of the High Street stores who can charge the equivalent of £100 an hour!

Not only that, if you prefer, we can custom build you a computer to suit the needs of you and your family, saving you money in the process, all backed up by our guaranteed workmanship and support services. Our prices are extremely reasonable, offering better value than many of the 'Big Name' Brands you see advertised  yet using the same quality components and carrying a full guarantee. You'll be getting the Computer you want - not a package designed for the masses!

Our Entry Level PC starts at under £250, and there's no limit as to how you customise it! You'll be getting the Computer you want - not a package designed for the masses! Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers, we don't just build your machine, we'll deliver it, set it up and connect it to an existing Internet Connection, all as part of the deal. And we can train you to use it as well!

Child Internet Security. A very important aspect of any Family Computer is Child Internet Security. Please see our Family Internet Safety page for free advice. We can configure Security Settings and Parental Controls on any computer that we build for you before delivery, and we can also set up the security for you on your existing computer.


Contact us to see just how we can help you - it will cost you nothing and could save you a lot of time and money! 

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