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Whether your business is large or small, office or home based, we can provide the cost effective solution you need.

We wouldn't dream of telling you how to run your Business - that's what you're there for! What we can do is advise you on the use of Information Technology as a tool to help you run it.

A sound IT Strategy should be in place to enhance your Business Performance and achieve your Goals not, as in so many cases, as an additional liability.

You want to get on with your job and - unless that's in IT - we can help. Staring with a basic Business PC from under £300  BusinessAMDwe can work with you to complete the IT Solution that suits you and your Business, including training you and your Workforce in the use of Hardware and Software so that you can get on with your job.

 NetworkWe can Install and Maintain Wired and Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi to the latest WirelessN Standard, and Bluetooth 2) to smooth the  running of your Office and help you create a paperless environment to save on storage space and stationery.

We can provide Secure Data Storage Solutions both On and Off Site, and if the worst happens despite all your planning, provide a Data Recovery Service so that your important files and information are not lost forever!


We can also help with your Web Presence, Web Site Hosting and Company E-Mail, as well as providing a full Consultancy Service and On Site and and Remote System Support Solutions .

Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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