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Priced Service CBC PC World You Save
PC Repair * - Explain the symptoms to us - We'll diagnose the problem and recommend a solution - Including an estimate for parts and labour needed
FREE £69.99 £69.99
Network Installation (Wired/Wireless) - Configuration of Small Office/Home Network (up to 2 PC, 1 Printer), connection to existing Internet Connection - hardware not included
£60.00 £88.07 £28.07
PC Setup (Desktop or Notebook) - Set up of a new PC and operating system. Installation of drivers and software; configuration of any security software - No complicated instructions
£60.00 £88.07 £28.07
PC Health Check* - Optimisation of your PC - Consultation to discuss any PC problems - Software and Hardware diagnostic and any Upgrade Recommendations . Improve your computer's performance. Virus and Spyware Scan and Removal - Consultation and advice (includes installation of FREE antivirus and anti-spyware software if required - Home PC Single Installation only - software service not included by PC World) £60.00 £88.07 £28.07
Data Back Up or Transfer* - Tell us which files you want backed up - We will back them up and copy to a DVD, an external hard drive or other media and confirm the files we have been backed up
£20.00 £29.99 £9.99
Data Recovery* - Recovery from internal or external drive - You confirm where the files were located - we'll recover your files, images & music and transfer them if required.
Operating System Upgrade/Installation* - Recommend the best system for your PC - We'll check if it can be installed as a new operating system may not be possible - Service includes all installation costs but does not include cost of Operating System
£35.00 £49.99 £14.99
Memory Installation/Upgrade* - Identify existing Memory, advise on suitable upgrade, and install (Price refers to memory purchased from CBC - does not include cost of Memory)
£12.50 £14.99 £2.49
Internet Safety and Security, Parental Controls - Consultation and Advice*
* Refers to 'In - House' Service (PC World 'In Store') - Customer delivers and collects - For 'On-Site' additional costs (if applicable) please contact us for a quote.  PC World "Tech Guys" Prices correct as at 15 07 09
PAYMENT: Cash or Cheque (If Supported by Guarantee Card) on Completion. Major Hardware/Software purchases IN ADVANCE. SECURE CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ONLINE PAYMENT AVAILABLE

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